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How to Make Video Marketing Work for You

How to Make Video Marketing Work for You

More than 50% of marketing professionals agree that video content provides the best ROI out of all your online marketing channels, and it’s hard to get these guys to agree to anything.  Imagine your YouTube channel with millions of likes, views and subscribers and what that could bring to your business.  Video is an incredibly powerful way to bring your message to a wider audience and if you aren’t capitalizing on this you’re missing out.  But how do you make video marketing work for you?  Let us show you.

Make a Plan

Like anything else in business, don’t try and wing it.  You will end up rambling, so have a clear message that you want to share and stick to the script.  Tape bullet points of what you want to cover to the wall if need be to help you stay on track.  Always, always rehearse before you get in front of your camera, read your script a couple of times.  The more relaxed and conversational that you sound the better.

Get to the Point

You know how headlines are important to your articles and the pages of your website, well the same goes for video.  You have only a couple of seconds to attract attention and tell your viewers what your video is about.  Get to the point, and do it quickly.  You only have the initial 10 seconds to keep them watching so make them count.

Give Information First

Don’t start with “I’m selling X product and you should buy it because”, nobody likes to be sold.  First think about the problems that you can solve and the information that you need to get across.  What can you teach your audience, how are you going to inspire them?

Stories are What Sell

Everybody loves a good story, use storytelling to make your point.  This appeals to your visitors on an emotional level and people buy based on emotions.

Call to Action

Just like on a webpage videos also need a call to action.  At the end of the video ask your visitors to subscribe, like, buy or whatever else you want them to do.

Optimize for SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and it is run by the people who own Google.  You need to put keywords in the title of your video along with the descriptions.  Create something that is memorable and catchy.   If you share the video to your website make sure that you create a sitemap it will help bring in even more organic traffic.

Video marketing is going to feature heavily in content marketing going forward so make sure that you hop aboard that train.  Don’t miss out on traffic and customers, video is cheap and easy to make now.